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Double R Value Insulation is a referral driven company that operates under the impression that success comes from quality, integrity, passion, and dedication to providing all clients with the best possible work.To show how committed this company is to providing quality assurance Double R Value Insulation provides a warranty on all work performed. Being a company that is certified to spray all types and most brands of spray foam insulation we are able to give our customer’s unbiased recommendations, solutions, and answers to all their insulating needs. Double R Value Insulation has been able to be successful because of the long-term relation ships we have made through clients and contractors. Another major factor is Jamie is apart of every single job the company preforms. Being that the main sprayer is the owner of the company really puts everything on the line personally and professionally.

Double R Value Insulation Ltd

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"We started with having Jamie and his crew come in a number of months ago to spray the rim joists and by the time we were done with our renovation, they sprayed the basement walls, rim joists, main floor walls, and the attic insulation. Then they sprayed between the floors for sound proofing. The house is now complete and the temperature is incredibly even throughout the house. There are no cold areas, differences between main floor and basement temperature, or drafts. We won't be doing batt insulation ever again! I would highly recommend these guys."
— Alfred Epp

"Really amazing company and quality work."
— Susie Peters

"They had super communication letting me know when they planned on getting to the job. Weather delayed them a few days. Totally understandable. Communicated to me about that ahead of time. Showed up. Professional. Cleaned up afterwards. Decided that one part was not quite right, and went back at it till they were happy with it. It was facilitating to watch. I definitely would recommend them."
— Ricochet Rod

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