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Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

Double R-Value Insulation ltd has been servicing the commercial industry for well over 5 years. We work closely with your companies in house estimator or project coordinator to insure project bids are placed exactly as specified and submitted before the deadline. Our companies field operators/workers have gone through extensive training and all sprayers have a minimum of 5 years spraying experience. 

Safety is a huge part of the commercial industry. Double R-Value Insulation ltd has enrolled in the SECOR program, carries a general commercial liability of 5 million dollars, and always provides a WCB clearance letter. Once onsite our field operators will conduct an evaluation of the job site. This evaluation consist of a JHA, Fall Protection Plan, Hazardous Assessment, and a tool box meeting.

Double R Value Insulation ltd guarantees all jobs to be completed on time and on budget. Wether we are working with estimators, engineers, architects, site supervisors, project coordinators we will insure the project is completed to specification at the highest quality standard. We are so confident in the products we use and how we install them that we offer a 5 year written warranty on all work performed. 

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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation has become the popular choice in the commercial industry whether it is insulating walk-in freezers to easily maintain a specific temperature or to eliminate leaks and drafts by creating an air seal along the perimeter of the buildings ceiling. There is and always will be a strong demand in the commercial industry for a product that can reduce large heating and cooling costs. We suggest using our two pound foam for areas below grade, joist boxes, roof decks, or any other difficult area to insulate. Our half pound foam has great sound absorption properties, making it an optimal choice for noise reduction between floors or party walls.

Thermal Barriers

Alberta building code requires all areas were spray foam plastics are applied to be covered with an approved thermal barrier. There is no foam in Canada that is exempt from requiring a thermal barrier protection. There are several different types of thermal barrier protection allowed in the commercial industry. Mineral Fibre, Cementitious, or an intumescent coating are all accepted methods and each method has its own benefit. Because each project is different we recommend speaking with one of our representatives about the products to identify which application will best suite your project.

Structural Fireproofing

Double R Value Insulation's fireproofing division recommends the application of Grace Monokote MK6 for all cementitious "fire-spray" applications. MK6 is a single component plaster sprayed over bare structural steel to increase the buildings integrity when introduced to fire. Without the application of cementitious fire-spray the metal would become weakened by the fire source and could cause the building to collapse. It is important to remember that this process is not only protecting the structural performance of the building, but also the lives of the people that will be inside. Therefore we take pride in our work and go to extreme and serious measures when installing this product. Protecting you and your building is our number one priority.