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Industrial Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is a superior product in the industrial industry as its unique ability to adhere to virtually any substrate. Sprayed into place spray foam eliminates the need for seams, joints, or fasteners like other traditional methods of insulating. Eliminating these other methods increases your projects overall performance by creating an airtight seal decreasing energy consumption. Double R Value Insulation has worked on numerous industrial application from underground irrigation, steamer trucks, utility vans, chemical holding tanks, oilfield skids, well heads... just to name a few.

Double R Value Insulation has experience working with a large range of spray foam products that will suffice your projects needs. We carry a special tank foam that is more durable and creates a smoother finish then the standard 2lb foam. We also have a high temperature foam suitable for spraying onto surfaces that in the future will exceed 80 celsius. We have a class 1 flame spread foam, CCMC (Canadian Construction Material Centre) foam. A cold temperature foam that allows us to spray onto substrates as low as -10 Celsius.

Industrial Coatings

Double R-Value Insulation installs a large variety of industrial coatings. We have a Fast-Set Polyurea is a two component material spray applied with high pressure and high temperature creating a extreme durable and waterproof application. This material is commonly seen in the application of a truck-bedliner, secondary containment, food grade walk in coolers, and areas that need to be extremely durable and resist moisture.