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Residential Spray Foam Insulation

To some contractors and most trade’s men your house is just another job. We at Double R Value Insulation take a different approach and treat your house as your life long investment. We want to make sure that we not only use the most superior product in your house, but more importantly we want to make sure it’s installed properly as well.Double R Value Insulation guarantees all work performed. In today’s market most new homes come with a 5-year new home warranty. To us that’s simply not good enough considering that fact you plan to be there for longer than 5 years. We have surpassed this standard by doubling this 5-year term to a 10-year term with our product. By using are quality assurance program with in field testing we are able to make sure your foam has achieved is proper “R-value” with a density test, and make sure the foam is properly stuck in place with a adhesion/cohesion test. Not only is this proof of a job well done, its giving you the home owner, piece of mind that your home is operating at its full potential.

2 LB Spray Foam Insulation

Two pound spray foam insulation also known as closed cell spray foam insulation is a medium density foam that is sprayed onto the substrate creating a seamless monolithic barrier. Two pound spray foam is sprayed directly onto the substrate creating an air barrier, vapour barrier, structurally strengthening your building creating a healthier, more comfortable environment. This rigid product is applied as a liquid and expands over 30 times its liquid form sealing off all gaps and cracks dramatically reducing air infiltration. The benefits are substantial and the possibilities are endless as this product is extremely versatile and can be sprayed on almost any substrate while being expected to have the same life expectancy as your house.

WALLTITE ECO uses recycled materials. In order to obtain EcoLogoTM certification, WALLTITE ECO contains significant rates of recycled content. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is among the most common plastics used for packaging, bottles and containers. Post-consumer and post-industrial recycled material is processed to make raw material for new applications like WALLTITE ECO.

1/2 LB Spray Foam Insulation

Half pound foam also known as open cell foam is a low density, spray applied polyurethane insulation system intended for above grade/ground applications. This product can be installed in most places of your home, most typically seen in attics and bonus room floor systems. Half pound spray foam insulation is applied by spraying onto or into a substrate, filling the void at a rate of over 120 times its liquid form. Half pound provides a thermal resistance value (r-value) of R-3.5/inch, It provides not only insulation but also air sealing, and an optimal choice for sound absorption. Half pound foam delivers significant environmental benefits including lower energy consumption and a healthier home. Unlike many conventional insulations, Half pound foam will not seep, sag, or settle. Time and temperature change have zero effect with the overall performance of this product.

ENERTITE formulation is water-based, ozone friendly and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by improving the energy performance of the house. ENERTITE earned the EcoLogoTM environmental certification, one of the most widely recognized and respected multi-attribute environmental certifications in North America.

Thermal Barriers

It is important to remember that ALL types and brands of spray foam insulation contain fire inhibitor properties. No matter the situation, Alberta building code requires all areas were spray foam plastics are applied to be covered with an approved thermal barrier. There is no foam in Canada that is exempt from requiring a thermal barrier protection. Acceptable materials for a thermal barrier include the use of 1/2" Drywall, 16 gauge steel, 3/4" good one side plywood, or a thermal barrier spray solution.

We at Double R Value Insulation recommend and install Grace Monokote 3306, a spray on application for those hard to cover areas. These hard to cover ares are usually found in the joist ends located in the mechanical room of your house. It's a huge benefit to use spray foam insulation in this area due to all the exterior penetrations and the impossibility to create a vapour barrier using 6mil poly in junction with batt insulation.

What is a thermal barrier?

"A thermal or fire barrier material or coating, applied over polyurethane foam, designed to slow the temperature increase of the foam during a fire, and to delay the foam's involvement in a fire"

Why a thermal barrier is important:

When spray polyurethane foam ignites or catches fire, it has a highly rapid speed of spreading fire while releasing a harmful odour. Think of lighting a rubber band on fire, It quickly disappears and has a awful smell. 

What If?

A common question we come across is the "what if" questions. "What if we don't cover the foam up with a thermal barrier?". Bottom line is... Your house will not be up to building code and in the tragic event of a fire you may find it difficult to gain finical restitution from your home insurance provider.